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Update 2.30: Normalizing Soft Caps

Dofus 2.30 normalizes characteristic caps and poses new questions. What to do with my points now that pumping chance - at 5:1 - isn't obviously bad? Is vitality still worth it? Let the fashionista help you to allocate your precious points!

For those who like creating their sets from scratch, we've added an option to create an empty one and fill in the slots with whatever you want. We still recommend going through the wizard, even if all you want is a starting point, but sometimes you just want to take note of a cool set or compare to another.

Update 2.29: Critical Hit Revamp

Among many new features (idols, Incarnam revamp, profession system revamp), on Dofus 2.29 the critical hit system will change significantly.

The old system, based on French math and weird natural logarithms, will be retired for a new percentage-based one.

We are updating Fashionista early so you can plan ahead for this change and fiddle with new gear possibilities that open up when getting +45 Crits is not necessary anymore.

Update 2.28: New trophies

Dofus 2.28 is bringing powerful trophies that can only be equipped if there is at most one 2 Piece Set Bonus active, which should create some much needed variety in equipment. Will everyone keep using Treadfreez?

To help with your set building dilemmas, we have added these trophies and they are now considered too when searching for an equipment suggestion.

French and Spanish Translation

The update you've been all waiting for is here! The Dofus Fashionista now speaks French and Spanish! Use the flag at the top right corner to choose your preferred language and to laugh at the item names in the other ones.

We'd like to thank the translators who made it happen: the French translation was written by Praesugatus, Edrolys, Elbisiap, Naturalglyphs, Mr-quifaitmal, Bouzouw and Hyd-x. The Spanish translation was the work of one demigod of translation: Nelson-Magno.

Portuguese Translation

Bem vindos, brasileiros e portugueses! Today we are releasing the Portuguese version of Dofus Fashionista, which should be a big help for those of you who play in that language and know the equipment names in Portuguese.

France, Canada, Morocco and Wallonia, do not despair! The French translation is in the final stages, with only a couple of pages missing. We need help from the French community to finish it and release it. Please contact us if you have a bit of time to help out!

Our second largest user community speaks Spanish, and for this translation también necesitamos tu ayuda! Let us know if you want to see this site in Spanish and can help with some bits of text.

Finally, we are at last releasing the new spells and caps for Sadidas. Between translating and our vacations, we got a little behind on that, sorry for the delay!

Class sets

Have you ever had to use a Pink Piwi Belt to hold a slot for your class belt? Your friends lol'ed at your set and you had to explain? The class items are now available to be in the "Lock Items" page!

A couple of notable pieces:

  • Geta Bernacles (Panda boots): Vulnerability no longer requires a line of sight.
  • Cape Hulco (Cra cloak): Burning Arrow no longer requires a line of sight. Poisoned Arrow no longer requires a line of sight
  • Targ Belt (Cra belt): Slow Down Arrow is no longer linear. Reduces Lashing Arrow's AP cost by 1. Reduces Powerful Shooting's cooldown period by 1.
  • Notts O'Clever Clogs (Masq boots): Increases range of Capering by 1. Apathy no longer requires a line of sight.

Comparing sets

We are now launching a set comparison screen, where up to four sets are shown side by side, along with their stats. You can access it from the Load a project screen - just select the projects and click 'Compare' - or from the main menu.

It is possible to compare not only your own projects, but also any projects that have been shared. Simply paste their sharing link on the comparison setup page.

You can also share the comparisons created if you need some advice on which set to choose. x)

Eliotropes, Xelor and Base Stats (again)

The 2.26 update is coming, bringing the brand new Eliotrope class and deeply changing the Xelor playstyle and spells. We're doing these changes now, a bit ahead of the update, so you have some extra time to plan before it is released.

The Base Characteristics screen has been changed so that the new scroll system is in place: now the scrolled characteristics can only go up to 100, but they no longer affect the soft caps for that element, meaning most characters will get a couple of extra characteristic points.

To help with this change, now by default Fashionista will also distribute your characteristic points, so there is one less step during the setup of a new project - all you have to say now is if you are scrolling the char or not. This option can be disabled on the Base Characteristics page if you don't plan on resetting (the page is under More now).

Cawwot Dofus, Minimums and Base Stats

The response to the site was overwhelmingly good! A big thank you to everyone who made suggestions in the official forums, in Imps Village, and directly to us! We just broke 5000 projects created, which beats my most optimistic predictions!

We are uploading an update that addresses some rough edges found by people.

The Cawwot Dofus was added as an option among the other Dofuses. We figured it is not as cheap or easy to get as it used to be.

Asking for a minimum Dodge did not consider the bonus from Agility, and now it does. The same applies for all secondary stats influenced by primary ones, such as Initiative, AP Reduction, etc.

Finally, your least favorite screen (well, mine) - Base Characteristics - got nice new buttons to pump points in a given stat until the next soft cap is reached. Yes, it sucked before, but we fixed it.

Official launch

Today is the official launch of the Dofus Fashionista. We'd like to welcome all of you who are visiting for the first time!

This website is a recommendation engine that creates equipment setups tailored to your needs, according to your class, build, level, declared priorities, and budget. To try it out, click Create a project.

If you have any questions, suggestions or found a bug, reach out to us.

I'd also like to thank our beta testers Naturalglyphs, RUSTinPEACE, Nimrickz, Comix, Qou, The-Dolmanax, Stich, Sapphire, Aleister, Lilboyblue and Spotted-Wolf. Their suggestions and insights were essential to make this a great experience!

2.24 sets added

The Dofus 2.24 update is here, and we have added the new sets:

  • Deep Sea Set (Lv. 200) - A strong pure chance endgame set, crafted from the Scampihorse bounty. Good combinations with Glacial and Sinistrofu.
  • Thief Set (Lv. 133) - An omni set with only elemental +damages (60 of each) but no other hitting stats. Crafted from the Panthyrozy bounty.
  • Microset (Lv. 40) - Another omni set for low levels which is actually good. AP bonus at that level is rare, and the numbers are fine. Crafted from vilinsekt drops.

In-house login

Due to popular demand, we implemented an in-house login which can be used by those who don't want to use their Facebook or Google account.

I'd like to highlight that we don't post anything to your social networks, it's just used as a single sign-on system to avoid keeping track of yet another password.

Remember not to use your Dofus password anywhere but Dofus itself.

Buffs, Solution Exchange and Exo Range

Hey yall! In the last two weeks we've been working on several new features:

In the Spells page, you could see how much damage each spell and your weapon would deal with that set. Now you can also add the buffs your class has access to and get impressive numbers!

Secondly, if you want to manually swap an item in the set suggested for you, there is now a button for that. It displays the items that could go in that slot, ranked by how good the stats would be for you.

The last feature is just some extra flexibility for the hardcore players: you can now enable Range exos in the Options page.

Added Xelorium Items

Hello guys! We have added all Xelorium and Akornaddikt items. All sets have 3 pieces:

  • Vortex Set (Lv. 200) - An int/agi set with heals and AP red. Nice alternative to Treadfast for int/agi chars.
  • Fugitive Set (Lv. 200) - A str/agi set with good str and agi but boots without MP.
  • Harpiset (Lv. 200) - A vit/wisdom set. If it had AP reduction, maybe...
  • Lwo Set (Lv. 200) - A pure agi set with negative lock but good resists, MP red and pushback damage.
  • Mesm Set (Lv. 200) - An int/cha set with nice range, +damages and pushback damage.
  • Fugitive Hammer (Lv. 200) - The omni hammer everyone's talking about.
  • Fugitive Wand (Lv. 200) - An earth/water wand with -5 crits but nice hits.
  • Plumobile (Lv. 200) - A fire axe with 3 hits, out of which 2 are steals.
  • XLII Set (Lv. 176) - A str/agi set with good resists (12% of each total).
  • Ytxis Set (Lv. 174) - A tri-elemental str/int/cha set.
  • Xelomorph Set (Lv. 125) - An int/cha set with some heals and MP red. Slightly lower level than Masto, they can be partially combined.
  • Fraktal Set (Lv. 124) - A str/int set with some lock and MP resists to wear while waiting for Soft Oak.
  • Akornaddikt Set (Lv. 10) - A very low level set crafted with the bounty drops. Gives "a lot" of pushback damage, a whooping 20.

Opening the website

Hey there! The website is finally on beta!
Welcome to the Dofus Fashionista!

This website is a tool to help choosing equipment and designing sets for Dofus characters. It can be used by characters of any class, build and level.
To try it out, just create a project. Logging in allows you to save and share projects.
We have all items up to the whale update (2.22).

I hope you enjoy it and we will see each other again soon! :)

Tailoring a set